What is Your Writing View? (Is it Worth the Risk?)

Everyone has a view about good writing and every wants to write better.  It seems that these two statements go hand in hand, but really, they do not go hand in hand.  The reason why is simple, we do not really like to admit it, but by making these statements you can come under a lot of pressure to do better or to write better… or to simply stop writing.

Now, we can say that everyone does have a view on what good writing is to them.  That comment would be pretty safe.  What we as writer really should not say is that everyone has a view about good writing.  Taking this a step farther, if you look at a writer who is considered a “classic” author, Edgar Allen Poe, most will say that they thin his writing is good.  Pressed for details they can often only recall his most famous poem, the one which has withstood the test of time, the Raven.  What about his other writing?  Was it as good if not better?  For those who love the writings and poetry of Poe, they will say yes some of it is better than the Raven.  This might be a surprise to many others.  So really it boils down to what is good writing for one is not good writing to another.

Does everyone want to write better?  Well, what is your definition of writing better?  See for some writing better means improving the scrawl that is their handwriting.  For others it means improving the content of the writing they do, and for others it is improving grammar.  So there is another very general statement that writers do in fact take for granted.  See, for some writing better means focusing on making money, or learning more tips to build their writing business, in other words, to make their writing a bit better.

So, what is your writing view?  Is it general for you or more specific?  As writers we need to know and understand our writing views, and our work as a writer which builds up on what what we have done before.  A writing view is changing and changeable.  This is the same as the writer.

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  • Damaria Senne

    This is a very good post. Made me think about what I mean when I say "good writing" or I want to improve my writing.

    As to what my writing view is, I've always thought that readers judge good writing by what touches them/resonates with them the most.

    If what you wrote makes it easy for me to understand a concept, makes me laugh, cry, be afraid even though I know the story is fiction or empathise with the person whose story you're telling, shake my head in agreement or even in outrage, that in my book is good writing. So when I say I want to improve my writing, I usually mean that I want to improve one of the elements I mention above. I want to make the story flow better (structure), choose my words more carefully to elicit the reaction I want from my reader.

    Does grammar, punctuation matter to me? Absolutely! But to me, that's the packaging that wraps up the real gift.

    And I firmly believe that every writer needs a good editor. I've seen what an editor can do to my stories after cutting here and there. Suddenly, my writing goes from good to sparkling.

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