What is More Important: Writing for a Living or Passionate Writing

For most writers it all boils down to one thing:  at some point there is a choice which they need to make, however sad.  That is the concept of writing for a living, where they write to make money or continue with writing that they love but not make money.  Does it need to be this way?  Or is there another choice that writers can make?

The thoughts of writing for money, and having some passionate writing, where a writers loves what they do is very important, but they do need money to continue writing the things that they want to write.  Is is really possible?  Yes it is, but sometimes, a writer does need to decide that they need to write something that may not, in the beginning seem like something that they would enjoy.

Often they find that yes it is something that they enjoy and can learn from others, and can teach (as it may be) the knowledge that they have learned to others, in a new and better way.  So, in a sense, sometimes making money for writing is a new learning experience.

So is there a place for both when you decide to make writing a means to live on?  The simple answer is yes, and it should be something that all writers need to consider with care.


  • Damaria Senne

    Rebecca, I think this is a challenge that all artists, regardless of medium, face. If you're an actor, you have to make the commercial movie, which may not have much art in it, to finance you so you have the space to do movies you love creatively, but which may not be commercially easy. As an artist, you may also end up doing commercial art for hotels and restaurants, illustrations, book covers etc, which gets your name out there, and buys you the space to develop your more experimental, creative art. As a writer, it's the same thing ( for me). I do the commercial material that pays the bills and allow me to write what I love.

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