Sometimes You Just Start Something….

Writers all want their work seen and they all want people to have some emotional view on what they have written, and something happens once in a while and you get exactly that, in a very unexpected way!

I wrote two articles, and they are put together rather quickly, you know like the ones where it is really a first draft and you do not think anything will happen because of it.  Sometimes your writing can surprise you.

One: I wrote on Bukisa, entitled making money faster with bukisa . Now this is about how to make money with a small article site, you write a few articles over the course of a number of days, about the length of a blog, and you make money per impression, and I added a few points.  I have not got much in terms of comments, but a lot of emails, and traffic.  All because of point 1.

Two: I wrote a page on wikinut that asked the question: Wikinut Does it Make Money or Is it a Scam? This one certainly hit a nerve with a lot of people, based upon a few comments.  For the most part, most were agreeable to my version, however one, I believe simply wants to have me change my view.  Still what gets people there really is the title.

I planned neither but found that a lot of one thing means a nerve for someone somewhere. so there you go.

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