So Do You Really want to Write?

Money, fame fortune… all yours for the taking, really it is.  But you have to work for it, which means do you know how hard that process might be for you to do?

Do you really want to write long days and longer nights to fulfill your dreams?

Do you understand that as a writer you need to be passionate and powerful and do things that do not interest you as much as the next thing?

So, do you really want to write?

Or are you just wishing to make a few pennies here and there?

What is more important the writing with passion or the writing for a living?  (Not to suggest for a second that one is less important than the other… just what is your focus/)

What do you do for you and your writing?

These questions once answered will tell you if you really want to write.

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  • Niki Turner

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have a way of digging through all the fluff I really appreciate. Every endeavor that doesn't come with a guaranteed hourly paycheck or salary for punching a time card requires a thorough examination of the motives of one's heart. I appreciate these kinds of posts! Keep up the good work.

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