On Writing Great Content

So what does great content mean?  Does it mean that the reader find something that they love that makes them want to keep on reading or does it mean simply that for that moment the content is simply that, great.  So, why worry about writing great content?

Simply, because your readers of your work demand that you write with confidence and passion.  Now, great content means that the writing is “readable” but most importantly is useful to the reader.  No one wants to read copies of copies of copies but at the same time it is not as easy to write a lot in one day.  it does take time, but time is really what does make for great content.

Great content takes time to build and time to improve.  If you were to go back to some of your earlier writing, it is writing but the content, the passion the “content” is not great, all writers need time to improve and build up their writing skills.

Blogging is a great way to learn, and so is simply writing and rewriting.  Content is the key to making the reader want to read more. We all have our favorite writers, and often the reason we keep going back to them is because they give us the content that we want.

So the end result is this:  If you want to write great content you will need to simply keep on writing, and editing and re-writing again.  Yes content is a part of another facet of a business called writing but if you want to make money, you need to improve your content and connect with people.

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  • Duchess O Blunt

    Great content. My stumbling block. I can write (I think), but my concern is in writing something worth reading. There is just so much available today that I often wonder why anyone would take time to read mine. So I try to make it worth their time. Which means writing, and rewriting a LOT.

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