How Many Sites Make You Money With Writing?

This is not an easy question and easy answer, it is unique to every writer.Some writers will say that their blogs will make the  money and it comes to them on a regular basis, and it is all because of keywords or content or traffic.  Other wills say that their blog is something which they love to write on but that they have a harder time building, but give them another site, any other site and they make money on it, and magically it seems.

It could simply be a matter of opinion, but really you can make money on certain sites, and then again you might have a harder time making money on the very sites everyone tells you works wonders.  Which then leads to the question: how many sites make you money with writing?

By this I am referring to writing as both content writing and the topic.  The fact is that writing as a topic will make a bit less than say writing with great content, where the reader want to read more and you want them to do something on your site.

Go into each site you make some money on and figure out what makes you money and what does not.  This is about looking at your writing and knowing what is helping you on each site. Really only you can hep you in this business, but that means knowing, well your writing.  Some sites simply do not make money with the topic you choose and some site make you money because that same topic is popular on that site.

The end result is almost any site you write on can make you money either directly or indirectly, so never discount the art of writing on many sites as long as you understand the pros and cons of writing, in terms of money and time and other commitments.