The Facts of Writing

There is so much to do, and so little time, or at least so little writing time that you wonder how people actually make the goals that they want to set.  Writers can wonder how one does it or rather does it better than them.  They try to “do what they did” and find what they were doing was not what they imagined.

Below is a list of four writing facts.  they are general but can be made to tailor almost any writers goals.

1) All writers make time for their work:  The key to this fact is where you are making the time, craving out 15 minutes of your busy day is one thing, but when you have four or five hours you can do a lot more.  So look into how long you have and be understanding to what you have done to make time for your writing.

2) All writers make money with their writing, as long as they want to make money on their writing:  If you have a set number than most writer probably do not make that sort of money, but in general a penny is money so the above fact is true.  Some writers simply do not make money because that is not something that they do, but it is something that most writers want.

3) Writers have a specific “well done” level:  All writers love to feel valued and appreciated, and the heart of the matter is that there is always some person that they would like them to say well done to this person.  Writing is done by the writer but it takes a lot more than one person to make a great book.  In a sense the traffic to a blog is a sort of “well done” pat on the back to a blog writer.

4) Writing can and is enjoyable: Most writers find the best time of day is when they get to work on their writing, to them writing a particular piece of work is enjoyable.  This is not saying that everything writers have to write about is enjoyable it is saying that most writers find a reason to write something.

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    I think the big fact is that most writers are not willing to do what it takes to be a writer, they just like to say that they do.

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