Did You just Say MONEY??

If someone were to come up to you and say that if you were to write a book, and then you can self-publish it or traditionally publish it, and you would make one million dollars, right now, would you say yes?

Wait, before you do here is the “snag”  you have 15 days to write and edit it and have something in publishable format by this time… but you will be guaranteed this on million dollars to do so.  The point is when there is money involved a lot of people think what they can do in a given time frame.  so why is it so hard to do this for you work that does not make us this sort of money so fast?

Perhaps it is because we are writers and we grow over time.  In a sense, we think of both long term and short term.  We might say yes to this one million dollar challenge but the fact remains that the “snag” or points that make the offer what it is are there.

Is one million dollars worth 15 days of writing and editing if you know that this might not be your best piece of work?

what about your readers, does this mean that they are being put first or does this mean that you are looking for money and not for your readers?  Or, does this mean you will take your writing to the next level and make it the best and finest piece of writing that they have done. It is all about content and readers.

This is the sort of question that you might want to say: did you say Money?

One Comment

  • Damaria Senne

    This is something I battle with quite a bit. It's still easier for me to it down and write when I know a contract is signed and there will be money at the end of the road, than taking a gamble on my own projects which I don't know whether will hit the spot with my readers and/will make me money. And yes, part of the worry is taht I'll spend 15 days on a project and then find out that it' not my best piece of work. But, I do want to grow as a writer and that will happen when I am more willing to take chances with my writing and do something because it's good, not because someone said money.