When a Title is not Just a Title: Money Issues

This is one of the most overlooked pieces of writing information.  That of the title.  This can make you money and can make you book stand out or, on the other hand can reduce your book sales since it sounds too close to some other title that a more famous author wrote this is not dealing with copyright issues since the reuse of a title is not part of copyright.  Therefore because of this, a write should ask if they should reuse older titles of more famous authors.

Still the title of a book is also something that writer wonder and worry about simply because they want to keep on writing and make money from their writing. See, because when a reader would like to buy a book they often will go and look at spines for the title.

Now, A title should be reasonably original, and there are reasons for this:  Imagine your reader going into a bookstores and asking for say a book that begins with “the colour, but I’m not sure of the rest.”  Say you are the author of this wonderful new book called “the colour green in my face”  so, what do you think the bookstore will order for them?

For most readers the colour purple comes to mind right away and it is Alice Walker.  Not by any other author and that of course can make the difference between money and not, so a title of a book is a vital part to making money with your books.

It is true even with blog posts and Internet writings that a writer needs to think of titles and other matter and this can be created to build up your money in your writing and your business, as a title is never just a title.

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