So, How Much Writing Do You Do?

Given that this is summer vacation and writing can be a last thing to do, it’s nearing the end of summer, so here’s the big question: How much writing do you do over the summer?

Did you write on the long forgotten article or the novel you swear you will get to writing?

Well, how much writing did you you do?

Was it productive?

For me, reading was the most productive part and reading a few novels such as the excellent one, the elf queen is beneficial to me, as both a reader and a writer.


  • Damaria Senne

    well, it was winter my side of the world ( going into spring now) and didn't do as much creative writing as would have liked. Read a lot though. Hoping Spring will boost my creativity.

  • Jenny

    My only shot at writing during the summer is to get up before my boys do, and I did that more often than not this summer. I also tried to fit in some productive reading.

    The hardest part is breaking my slacker habits once school starts 🙂