So How Much Money Can you Make Writing?

Writing is an art, and for some a business and for some a hobby. There are a number of ways that you can be a professional writer. Websties like edupeet have professional writers that can help people complete essays and assignments that they need to do for school or college, and if you have a big piece of writing that needs to be completed, they may be worth checking out. For many writers no matter where they are in this business, they all want something, the numbers vary, but the theme is the same they all want money.

How much money can you make writing? Is there a realistic number that you can make each month?

This is really dependant upon where you as a writer are in terms of a writing career. If you are just starting out, and don’t have much of a following on your blog or you don’t have a book published, you won’t realistically make even $10 a month with your writing. If you are not a new writer and have a bit of a following on your blog, have a few online articles up and have a book published, it’s realistic to imagine that earning $100 or more a month is doable.

What if you have been writing for a long time? What would be a realistic goal?

First off it’s a good idea to see what and where your writing is at this point. This writing can be all encompassing, writing a novel or writing a blog, or publishing a book, or freelance writing, but the idea, the money part of this large and complex business, seems to be how much money should you make. The most important word is “should” because after several years of writing one “should” be making some income.

Another thing which many writers forget is the idea of don’t compare.

This means that a new writer will make less than someone who has been around for a while and who has a bit of a name out there in the larger area of the world. As much as the Internet is a great leveller of writing and getting name recognition, it’s hard to start. Networking is vital to any writer. The more people know you the more likely you will have more success. This is when you begin to think about your brand and what you have to offer the readers who come and read your blog.

For example, googling “Rebecca A Emrich” and “Living a Life of Writing” will find you right here. However, when the website first began, doing the same thing meant you wouldn’t find me. This is the fact of life. You need to be seen online, and also offline, so realistically, when you want to make a reasonably good income, you need to start being seen as the writer you are. That takes time.

Money is at the “mind” of writing, which means that if you are a writer, than at some point you will need to make enough money to live on your writing. It is not to suggest that you should write only to make money, but writing about what you are passionate about or what you believe will help others, or what you believe in.

Let’s take one more example, you are a writer who has been writing for about 4 years, you have a blog which gets a good deal of traffic, and you have a book published. You have a network of people on Facebook, and you are found on the search engines. Realistically, you could be earning enough income to only need a part time job outside of your writing. However, it also means you will be spending a lot more time doing background work on your blog.

Making money over time requires a plan. A good plan involves a lot of assuming for the worst. By this, what would happen to you as a writer and brand if your website went down for several days, would you be able to rebound or would it take months to rebuild? Asking the hard questions allows you to branch out as a writer. The more you assume you need double, or triple or more of what you are doing now, and becoming better will allow you to earn income better as a business.

Making money on writing is not the easiest thing, but it does take focus and passion and something to aim for in your writing. So, the writers who want to make money, how do you push yourself, where do you write to make the money you do?

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  • Damaria Senne

    Writing is my method of earning a living ( in addition to being something I love), so I have to make enough to pay home loan, car payments, school fees, all types of insurances, food etc. It can be rough, but overall, it's worth the effort I have to put in.