Make Money Writing: Have You Got It in You?

Many writers would love to make money, a lot of money in fact, but what writers, want really is to make a lot of money. If all writers could make $100 a day or more on the writing they do, most would be happy. Now, writers often think of money as a thing which comes and goes, and this is true, as long as you do not build your traffic to your site or online articles.

The only factor which these dreams do not factor in is the entire work hard at it factor. Seem if you run a blog, there is a time factor, writers have commitments, they have to write and continue to write each day. Call it being passionate about the writing that they do, but they also need to make money. This is a fact of life, money is needed to make a go of being a writer.

To expand upon this little fact, below are two examples of why we all need money, and why if you have it in you to make the money you will:

1) New Laptop: At some point all writers will need a new laptop or a new desktop. It is a fact that we write on the computer and we edit and send out information via the computer. New writers will need to buy a decent computer and without money, there is no new laptop or desktop. If spending money on a new laptop is not what you want to do right now, using the one you have for now is acceptable. As long as it works. At times, your laptop/computer may be running slower than usual. You may want to think about looking into a driver solution, to help guide you through the steps of updating your driver.

2) To promote our writing: No matter how passionate you are about your writing, you need to promote your work, and that takes money, call it marketing or self-branding but to do this correctly, then at some point you will need money to make this happen.

This is not to suggest that as writers we need to make a lot of money, simply that it does take money to make money, and that if you are hard working and willing to add to value to the traffic (your readers) who come to your work, online or real world.

Still, building a writing business means that writers need to ask if they have what it takes during the lean times to make a go of their writing. they also need to ask if they what it takes to build up the business is the “great” times as well.

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  • Damaria Senne

    It is hard to work as a writer. There are times when i wonder if I'd do better to start a boutique selling imported clothes. I hear garment prices are low in China and Turkey, so the profit margin is decent.
    But then I get over myself, because I have tried other professions, and found writing to be te most fulfilling for me. Even during lean times.

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