When Writing is “Boring”

Some days are like that you can sit there at the computer and type away at the keyboard and whatever you do does not seem like it is something you really want to be writing. As writers we do not want to admit to anyone, least of all ourselves, that there are days when writing is boring. It is almost as if it is a chore and you are happy to get over writing and simply do something else with your day. Something more productive. Something fun. Really, anything but writing.  And when it’s anything but writing, this can last a long time, and for a writer, while this can hurt, it can be a danger of a different sort, the ending of wanting to write or publish a book.

All writers face these sorts if days. It is possible that it is when we face a loss of passion in what we do or is it something more?

When writing is “boring” there is some thing that tells you to find other things to do, other more exciting and interesting events to try. The lure that we as writers have seems to be lost in the daily list of “things to do.” All lists, as many know are things, which in all honesty we do not like to try to do. You find excuses for not doing what needs to be done, because there is something else, anywhere but near what will help in the world of writing, and if we are honest with ourselves, we simply don’t like this part of the writing process.

Passionate writing
Passion from the Heart

How long does it take before writing gets harder to do and you do not, as a writer, want to face your computer.  Or write that billion word blog post you wanted to that morning. There are other things you might argue are important. When responding to the urgent email or surfing the Internet becomes more of a passion than that long forgotten novel you started to write, and that you have sitting beside you collecting a layer of dust. When do you contemplate your writing as something you once did?

We all can talk about passion and how it’s important to us.  We can all talk about how much we enjoy and love the art of writing, or the process we currently have in place, but the remains, everyone has bad days, and if that continues, it can be disheartening for the writer, and if there isn’t something to show for their craft, they end up finding reasons, or excuses, not to continue to write.  Start by doing one small thing, fix up a blog post, or go twenty minutes without checking the email or Facebook meme of the day you so need because otherwise, writing might be boring.

Writing does not have to get to that point. There is such a thing as admitting you have burnout, and you need to take a break. If we take breaks and learn to accept that we as writers are human than we can go back to enjoying our writing far more than before. Writers, possibly because we are driven to be creative and to produce our work on a regular basis are more prone to not admit that they are becoming burnt out and that the “to do” list for them is hard to handle.

Writers need to admit not only to themselves but to others that they have some boring parts that, like housework, happens to them each and every day and that they want to love and be passionate about what they do just as much as the next person. Some times writing is just a bit boring.  Take some notes and take some time and write it down.  The only person you have to challenge is yours and there is nothing except your own excuses which can stop you from doing what you love to do

Writing is an important part of the life of a creative person and there are many ways to enjoy that means that support from other writers is needed. The writing community is there to help each other, even when writing gets boring. (Although it doesn’t have to get to this point either!)

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