Is Writing an Art?

For many writers there is a bit of creative spark which begins the process of writing. Many will point to an idea that they had or some thing which they saw that sparked a book or a novel or something. Often, writers will refer to their writing as a craft or a bit of a hobby. Most do not see it as a means of an art.

Really, writing is an art, and most experienced writers believe that writing is something that is important to them and that they can excel at the art of writing.

So, How is writing an art to you?


  • brittany michelle

    writing seems like an art to me because of the process. some would call it scientific, and there is a science-like aspect to it, but there's more intuition involve. there's something about the way writing is created–it's not linear, and it's not a checklist. it's like a dance, swirling back and forth, linking hands and concepts together at various moments through the composition…and when it's complete, you don't cross it off the checklist. you stand back and admire it, and you allow others to look at it and admire it in their own way.

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