Why I Write

I suspect this is a question that needs to be answered at some point in time by every person who intends to write and wants to be a successful writer. I am not about to go into the definition of writing success, as that is also a personal thing, rather I will go into the idea of why I write.

It is a question with no really simple answer: I can say I write (or that I am a writer) because I enjoy it or have passion for the art of writing, but when I look deeper into that answer, I find it really is not an answer. It simply says a “thing” about writing. I am passionate about writing and I do enjoy writing, but that does not mean that is why I write.

I could delve deeper into that why. I write things that often I do not like to do, simply to improve my own technique and to better the writer I can be. To improve the writer that I am. I still then have not really come and given a rather satisfying answer. I can be a better more intelligent writer, almost anyone who tries can become a better writer, but still looking at it it does not give me a true version of why I write.

The why in why I write is deep, not personal in a way that one might imagine, but it is there. It is a feeling, a thing I do in good times and in bad times. Writing is important to me, and I love to do it. My writing has improved over time and I can see the improvements from older posts. I love to say I am a blacksmith of words– I create something that might last.

I hammer out better words and phrases all for my readers, I love the crash of the fingers on the keyboard creating something far stronger than it originally was. It is something that goes beyond passion. That is why I write.

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  • Susan Woodring

    Goes beyond passion, YES. I know exactly what you mean, it's just central to who I am.

    What a terrific question. Just trying to answer it gets me fired up, ready to write. Thank you!

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