Should My Writing be Valued?

There comes a point in time in every writers life when they ask the question: should my writing be valued? Not only by them but by a wider audience. This is a wonderful and yet, complex, question that has to do with writing and value. This is not about self-esteem but about what you as a writer can contribute to the writing community and outside the writing community with your writing.

The simple answer is yes: all writing should be valued, as all writers, whatever their path need to feel valued. This value comes from knowing that what you have written is creative and you have spent time and energy writing it and working with it to improve your creation. All writing comes from somewhere and it is the passion that you put into writing that makes the difference with readers.

It is complex in the way that most writers do not look at their writing in terms of a big picture. Where every draft built upon the last one, where the idea which you had at three in the morning, (with some adjustments) has turned into a wonderful book.

The answer to should my writing be valued, is in many ways the same as the answer to should writers be valued? it is not impossible to make a difference writing, but the challenges are there, people who do not understand what writing means to a writer will always be there. That will never change.

It is up to the writer to show that from the beginning believe that their writing has value to them and then to others. All writers need a mentor and all writing needs a mentor as well. They might simply need to tell the writer that their work looks great but they need to be there to show how important writing is, and that it is valued by more than one person.

It is important to each writer to show that they understand that their writing is valued. It is not a personal test or a thing that should be fought over but one that each person should think about and understand that the writing that they do is a part of the creative forces that they have within them. Writers are creative beings by nature and often this means that they are not as well understood by others. Still and important thing to remember is that a writer must say, at least to themselves- yes my writing has value.

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