Are Writers Valued?

Writing is an art which is one that seems to have a response of either support from others or not. There does not seem to be middle ground with writing and the people who consider themselves writers. The road to publishing is hard, and it is one that they need to do alone, and this does not make for easy conversations with people who they want to hear that their writing and they, as writers are valued.

Which brings up this question: are writers valued?

In one sense within the writing community they are. They are viewed by and because of what they do for the community and for themselves. Writers all know and understand that support is needed to keep writing. Often the place where value is not found is closer to “home.”

When a writer first begins writing, there is a lot of fear, of failure or of lack of acceptance in their ability to “make it” as a writer. It is not easy to say ” I am a writer” to just anyone, or more specifically to that person who you want to say that what you do is valuable.

Family members it seems are notorious for looking at writers and leaving them with the impression that buy not making it big (as in fame or money) they are less than what they could be working a real job. This is not the case, although if you are a writer but not making enough to support yourself a part time job can help. Still, it is hard to think that a writer is valued when the people are person who long to have say to you that your are valued will not. It is important to see why we as writers write.

I believe that writers should be valued. They are the people who observe life and write about the passion that people have for the lives they lead. They are the chroniclers of life in their time, or what they can imagine. They are the ones who can change something in their lives, so I believe that they need to be valued, and that all writers are of value. This is the important thing to remember when writing.