Writing Well is a Art

We as writers tend to forget one small fact about writing, it is an art. Almost everyone can, with a bit of help, write well. It is simply a matter of sitting down in front of a keyboard and pushing the correct buttons in the correct sequence. There is the small and delicate thing about writing talent, but really if you are truly meant to be a writer the talent you have will surface sooner or later. Writing is an art which one can do anytime.

Not exactly, that is writing. What writers, myself included really want, really hope for, is “to be” writing well. By this I am referring to writing so that someone other than yourself gets something from what you are writing. That the music in your head comes out and shows what your writing can be for others.

That is the art of writing, communicating in a medium that is simply words on a page. I can not make the words “sing to the soul” unless I write. Of course there are tips and tricks to writing, but really when one wants to write it is a matter of the passion that they find in expressing themselves.

I encourage this art of expression, and I have found one way to writing well, and that way is that I listen to music. I am very selective about what type of music I listen to an when, a piece of writing which should share a certain type of emotion to the reader, needs a certain type of music. This helps me, and might even help another writer, which is why I have communicated this to you.

Writing well also means sharing what you have learned. While it may work great for you and not as well for others, you still need to share and to give back to the community of writers who have helped you along the way. This is why I write a blog, to give back to a larger community of writers. yes this sort of writing is fun as well. It continues a cycle of writing for life.

With any art, there will be people who will try to take away your passion, your dance, but never let this happen. As any writer can tell you writing well is an art which takes time to develop and to make a thing which people want to read.


  • Jill

    Writing well is indeed an art, and maybe even a science! By that I mean conventions and grammar and rules… I don't mean you must follow them at all times, but you need to be aware of them before you break them.

    And you need time, patience and dedication – in abundance!

  • Shaylen

    It is an art indeed! I don't usually think of writing this way, so thank you for the reminder.
    I too use music carefully when I am trying to hone in a particular mood…it works wonders!

  • Janny C

    This was beautiful. That is what I try to do in my work and works of others. I am freelancing now and am given topic that to me are quite boring but with my words I am able to bring that piece to life and maybe make it not so dull. Thats what writers do I think. Bring life to the written word.