Writing Well: Breaks In Between

Writers all write and sometimes in the process we all lose focus on our writing. Yes there is an art to writing, but we are human and often there is other commitments in our lives. Sometimes it simply means there are other commitments that come up that seem to be frustrating at the least or hard to deal with at the best of times. Still, sometimes this simply means that a break from writing is in order.

Writing a blog or a book is not the easiest thing to do, and it can take a lot of energy just to get back on track after a break that most writer feel bad about taking the break in the first place. In fact when you have established yourself as a writer, often taking a break is the very thing which can help you continue on your writing journey.

In other words, writing well means breaks in between. Not just the fifteen minute breaks every writer must take in between writing a few pages, but the longer breaks where you do not go online to check anything. The type of break where you can re-learn why you are writing in the first place.

Writing well means improving, but when writers are frustrated and exhausted this doesn’t help with their writing. There are hundreds of ways to take a good long break. There is also a fine art of knowing when you have had a long enough break. Do not go overboard with breaks either, as there is an art to that as well.

One needs to be passionate about their writing, making it an art that they want and need to improve on, and it is that passion which needs to be tempered. As with all writing, it is an art. Taking a break does not mean writing a whole long commentary about how you are simply too burnt out to write any longer.

What it means is giving yourself permission to take some time away from writing and come back with new ideas and a fresh outlook on your writing. Again one week is great for this. Often it helps to “get away” from the area where you write. The passion for most writers then seems to return.

If you want to write and write well, you need some time. Sometimes a break can be a day where you go and paint or do something you have been wanting to do, but have been putting off for a while.

Often the concept of writing well is art will come back to any writer after a small well deserved break. I have found that sometimes a week or so is all I need to recharge. To write well and make it my art is something I am passionate about. Passion is a wonderful thing that all writers need and love having.

So take a five minute break. Close your eyes and put down the pen or move away from the computer. Laugh a bit and as a writer you will find that this will help improve your writing.

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