A Writers Life, What Does Writing Take?

I have thought about this for a while, but we are writers, or at least the people who in fact spend time reading writing blogs or online articles about writing. They are writers.

This makes the question in a writers life, what does writing take?

To make this simpler, writing takes effort in some area, and it takes time and energy to do. It takes a lot to say no to writing.

Of course all writing has ups and downs but in a writers life, the downs take courage to keep going, when few people read your writing, or simply give bad reviews, to yet another edit which needs to be done and done quick, to days when most people will wonder if you are actually writing at all.

Writing takes passion, some are born writers and some are not, some writers who have talent never really push themselves and lack passion. a writers life is all about passion and sharing what you love with others. Often this love does to give you much money but you still love to write.

A writers life takes time, as in you sit in front of a computer screen for hours on end and try to do your best, and often you begin to feel your best is not good enough, but this to shall pass. Writers know that time is on their side, and everything challenges and joys alike are what make a writer a writer.

Writing takes humor. Editing for hours and then after all those hours, and paper cuts and screaming, you find that one little mistake and fix it and that makes it all work out. Exploding pens and people phoning with the strangest requests, or the 2 am epiphany and then the 3 am epiphany. Only to fall back asleep five minutes later.

A writers life is varied and full of joy, but it really takes a lot when writing. As writers are we up for the challenge? My answer is yes we are.


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