Passionate Writing: Five Ways to Write with Passion

When a writer begins to write they usually write a draft, and then they will show it to a select few who will say a few comments. One such comment is that there is something lacking, not grammar or spelling but something else, passion. Passionate writing seems to be a part of the concept of talent, people who seem to know how to write well have passion.

I like to think that there are many ways to write, but I also believe that there are five ways that you can write with passion. Below is the five ways I believe will help almost any writer add that bit of passion to their own writing.

1) Write about something which you enjoy at least once a day: It does writers no service to write about things each day that they do simply to pay bills part of passionate writing is to write something that they love, even if it is only for ten minutes. One can write a lot by freehand method in ten minutes.

2) Find one reason each day why your love to write: There are many days when writing is not as fun as it used to be, but each day needs to have some meaning. You need to find the reason you, as a writer, write. it can be as simple as saying I enjoy the sound of the keyboard when my fingers touch it.

3) Make use of different arts: Music, painting, drawing. These often give a writer a chance to think about a topic in a very different way. Another way for the more scientific minded is to do math equations, of course this means that it is used as an outlet to drive your passion, and allow you to think of your writing in a different way.

4) Get into character: If you are writing fiction this is much easier than with nonfiction, but get into the mind of the character you are writing about. Speak the words you are writing, and see how it sounds as you write. In fact, become the character make a voice for each one. Have fun, and you will find passion

5) Love each challenge knowing you are closer to a goal: A challenge is really only a stepping stone to a goal you have for your writing. Do not ever see it as something to be feared, it is only for a while and then you will see success. Keep saying my writing is worth all this effort and all these challenges. Say it with passion. Write down your goal.

Yes, it is passionate writing and I believe that all writers do have passion within them. They must keep writing and setting new goals each day, always knowing this is what they are meant to do.

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