Getting Traffic To A Writing Blog: Five Things that Help

All writers want to be seen somewhere, and often they look to the Internet for such a platform. The one thing that seems so easy is to put up a blog and begin to write, after all we are writers and we want to showcase our writing (or to use Internet language content0 to the online world.

There are five things which can help get traffic to your blogs, or online articles, and have them stay there:

1) Make your blog easy to get around: This is by far the simplest way to fix up and showcase your work. Often if you simply add a link to a blog post, you can have a person go through the posts you have written much faster and easier than having the reader scroll down the list of “Blog Posts.” Since I began to add links between my blog posts this allowed more people to see where a series has gone and to know what is relate to what on my blog.

2) Have Fun with you Blog: Blogs grow with each writer, as does your writing, but really of this isn’t your passion say writing on a particular topic, then there is always the option of deleting a blog. Love what your do. In time, you will become more experienced with your writing blog and online articles, you become and “expert” by default. That is what time and fun, and passion do for a blog.

3) Allow for comments, but moderate them somewhat: Comments are great but not all comments should be allowed, checking comments are a great thing, as appearances do matter in the online world, and if all your comments are full of links or look like spam this isn’t good.

4) Write As Best You Can: Not everyone is an editor, but everyone does have spell check so try to make sure your writing does get a quick spell check. Even reading it out loud will help. At least try to edit your writing. This will help traffic stay on your blog and will provide you with much needed links should people like your writing. Some will talk about keywords, but really keywords mean nothing if you do not not take a bit of time trying to improve.

5) Know what a writers life takes: How many hours are you prepared to put into your writing? Are you ready to be challenged but will still enjoy it when the day is done? Are you willing to help others? That is what a blog is about, and the best way to increase traffic is to keep writing your blog.


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