When You Take Writing Time….

There are many issue which writers face each day and, often doesn’t relate to anything they are writing. There are work issues and family issue and of course money issues and these all take up a good bit of time.

What about writing time?

There is a tendency to write and then not to write for long periods of time, and when that happens there are a few more excuses that a person, who really wants to be a writer can make. The simplest explanation is that they have no writing time.

Of course, there are several ways to make writing time, and a few of them work well. Here is a list of ten that help:

1) Write for 15 minutes a day. That is all, just commit to 15 minutes.

2) Decide what you are going to write about. The topic should be clear.

3) have a detailed outline, then fill it in.

4) Editing isn’t Writing, so edit after writing for 15 minutes.

5) When stuck, write freehand.

6) Change where you write one in a while.

7) Exercise before writing.

8) Tell people some of your goals, the more people know the more they will understand.

9) Set a specific time each day to write.

10) Above all just love writing, the time will go by faster.

Writing time doesn’t need to be scary, think of it as a time when you can be with something you love. That something is your imagination and your dreams, put into action.

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