Writing at 550 ( all for only $39.95 US….)

I never thought that I would now publish 550 posts…

But here it is. This is the 550th post for living a life of writing. Not bad if you ask me. Sort of a milestone, I forget about 500, I forgot about 300 but for some reason 550 seems big.

It means I’ve been around more than a year, and it makes me feel older somewhat, perhaps because I am.

Also because I am almost done editing my book.

Still Writing at 550.. deserves This lovely email: ( like the rest but those who follow my hubs will understand.. all for only $39.95 US)


I have read your hub on making money today. I could not find this website. Were you joking? UR writing is XL. I will add that yes you can make that much money each day U just need to link correctly and that will only take about 10 minutes to do.


If you are wondering about this, you can read the written hub here.


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