Okay, So I meant to Write…

I got a lovely email and this is the best thing about it. for many months I’ve been working with another writer. He is enthusiastic and willing to learn.

Now he is busy working on a novel, and I’ve been busy fixing it for him. Now it looks 1000% better and I am happy.

Still of course, being a nitpick, I made the comment, “looks great but here is a few more suggestions.”

He was quick to point out that I really should have written “here are.” Very simple very small and I should have caught it, but still I did make that error. How cute of me, really. Of course it would have been nice if I saw it before I had hit send.

It’s not so easy to see things we do… until after the fact. So okay, I meant to write are… but really I was hoping that it would be a singular comment. I wish it was that simple.

Now, how many times have you wished you could say: Okay, so I meant to write….