I’m not Making Money.. So I’m Not Writing

I’ve heard this from a friend, who made the comment that they are not making money and therefore won’t write anymore. I suspect that this is something that hits everyone:

So here is my answer:

Do you love the feel of paper and a pencil in your hand? Then you are a writer, and nothing will change that, not a million dollars or a few cents. You need to love what you do and you need to feel that each and everyday.

Money will come to you, it always does. It might not come quickly, but if you write everyday and love what you are doing you can not go wrong. It is passion that helps you grow. Not the money. Sure you need money, which is why we have day jobs.

Making Money is important, I agree.

But, if you wake up each morning to runt o the computer and write you won’t be happy doing anything else….

So don’t worry you need to write, and not writing won’t help you… so write, the money will come in.

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