All About Publishing and Writing: Dancing to Pencil Beat

There are days when I wonder why post titles don’t have spell check!

Still there is publishing and writing to do, and I am about as close to my computer as I’ll get today. Why? you ask: I am busy using a pencil to do some writing.

Yes Not a pen, but a pencil.

I am not sure what it is about pencils, but when I am in a mixed up mode, where I can’t write at the computer, but can on a piece of paper, I use pencils. I love the smell of a freshly sharpened pencil, and the way it can be made darker and lighter just by the weight of my hand…

Maybe I should plan to publish using an old printing press…. but that would be too old fashioned for me! Still sometimes it would be nice to actually use an old printing press.

It’s the historian in me. It needs a big breakout day with black ink and paper and little letter for the type…. can’t have everything now can we?

Still, writing and publishing are great goals to have! even these days, when I have a feeling for the past.


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