Of all Things: Create Space

Create Space is my newest post, as many of you know I am working on two books one is about Transylvania and it will be traditionally published and the other is about grief and will be self-published.

So why Create Space Today?

For one thing it’s Tuesday and for another it’s one I am working with.


You can use your own ISBN

They offer editing services,

They use amazon, so your work is on amazon

They have their own formatting, but you can choose some of the formats.


Your time and Money ( not much however)

You need to learn a few things. ( Not bad, but still for marketing purposes this is hard)

Everyone will go to them so it might get saturated.

So what do you say?


  • Adele

    I've heard great things about CreateSpace as far as POD goes. I know a few former bestselling authors have used the platform to self-publish out of print books they wrote or new books the publisher isn't interested in. The downfall is online only distribution, but nearly 50% of all book sales are online.

    Promotion is always a hassle when it comes to publishing – even top writers have little support as this goes, but I'm sure you will come up with a great marketing plan for your new book! Excellent post!

  • Janny C

    I was thinking on Create a space too. I contacted them and they wanted to work with me and find best package that be good for me. I definately need their editing services that is for sure. I do though now have a small publishing company that is interested in my book so we shall see how that goes. Marketing is still a struggle and to do it in a stubtle way too that what I want to do not be all BUY MY BOOK!. My book has its own website though with followers who can't wait to buy it and support me so that is a start.

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