The Ups and Lows of Writing and Publishing

There are so many ups and lows of writing and publishing, now why do I call it ups and lows?

Simple, it is hard to get “high” on writing, we all have our moments when it’s easy to write and when it’s fun to write, same with getting our work published, but then…

There are the lows, the challenges that we as writers all face when planning to write and publish. These can be hard for people to face. They stare at a blank screen, they clean their house better than they ever have. They wonder why they do what they do at all. it’s not fun these lows.

If you think that it is hard, just imagine your life without writing in it. Imagine you will never be able to write or worst yet publish anything ever again. So think the challenges are so great now?

I hope not. Continue with writing and publishing and the ups will be ups and the lows, not as low.


  • Jill Edmondson

    How true, how true, how true! Writing does come in waves and you need to get used to that.

    I never let the low points bug me too much. When I get stuck or start to feel frustrated, I take a break, I walk away from it (for a day, a week… whatever). I work on something else I already had on the go. I read blogs or writing books. I toy with a new idea.

    Then when I get back to the source of the low, it's easier to manage and I can get on with it.

    Cheers, Jill

  • JS

    Well chalked out Rae! The biggest challenge or the fear about writing I have is what if it becomes monotonous?

    May be you can write a post on how to not get monotonous with writing as a profession?

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