Publishing Comments, Or the What did you do???

Please go and take a look at yesterdays email post. It’s on the idea of books, and publishing and money.

A few things:

I am not a man, and I never was. This being said, I must admit I am surprised at how many people write in with query letter beginning with “Mr.” I know it’s something but face it, if you’ve read my blog and have my email address it’s not that hard to understand that my name is more feminine than that!

Know how much money you should get as an advance. If you are starting out, read Writers Market, (2010 is out…) so this should come in handy. Most places have a website go and look at it and see what is really being offered.

Drop the ego. I can do the impossible but I can’t work miracles. No you are not getting anything more than what everyone else gets. At least not yet.

Next when you are sending out query letters give the ending. I don’t have time to figure out your ending and it makes me rather suspicious in the fact that “have you written anything yet?” oh and copying, beyond being morally wrong, I have no time to do that. And it is morally wrong to copy someone else work.

Read you genre which you are writing in.

what else would you add?