Publishing and Marketing Should We do both?

Yes. For the most part I believe that when we publish we should market and do it before we even publish.

Christy has a wonderful blog, the Publishing Maven, and she has some great comments. Pretty soon I’ll have a contest with her book Step by Step Guide to Self- Publishing For Profit. ( did I do that right Christy?)

So below is the review I did for her on that book:

I have to say this right now. Christine is a great writer and her work is very well done. I do recommend this book to people who are intending to publish but also intending to think about self-publishing. I’m thinking about it, and it might be a great way to go.

It can be ordered through amazon

Great work done, and it is a good read. Now, with what she gives, it is an interesting story. She is very quick to point out that there are many benefits to self-publishing, but she also does point out the pitfalls that can happen with self-publishing.

I recommend it for anyone who wants to self-publish or for anyone who wants to learn more about what publishing is really all about. I learned a lot about publishing, some of it I didn’t know, for example the power of ISBNs.

The one thing that is missing int his book is an overview of some other self-publishing companies other than create space. I would have loved to see a big chapter on why Create Space is better than others. Over all this didn’t affect the reading of the book though.

This is a really great book a quick and easy read, and yet, I’ve learned so much with it. I recommend this book even if you are traditionally publishing.

She is certainly a marketing maven as well. She’s done it it seems like forever. But the biggest thing is this: Marketing is important.

How important is marketing to you?


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    When you don't market your books, you certainly can't expect for it to acquire sales. Your reader market will not be aware about the book that you've written. Book marketing is creatively sharing your story, but with upcoming benefits. Marketing your book will simply build your career as an author.