Publishing and Marketing = Money?

I had a grand old debate with my writing friends over dinner, and I’ll paraphrase: (leaving out the commenting about a really great and fabulous meal, and get to the real stuff)

— publishing and book and marketing the book correctly will make more than your advance: Most of us agreed with said statement, however the one person who has more experience marketing pointed out this wasn’t the case, since you might spend MORE marketing than you would getting a profit.

— publishing online and getting the book on amazon is a great start but in Canada it’s also nice to get it on Chapters, which while not as big as amazon has the market up here… for now. All of us agreed with said statement, the more you see it the more likely you will have people buy it.

— publishing is easy, but marketing cost money. This was the big one it divided us. I’ll tell you where I stood, publishing is easy, but marketing may not cost money, sometimes there is such as thing as free marketing in the style of book reviews, and contests.

Speaking of contests: I’ll be getting some books in multiples, and once a month have a book contest on this site. So at the end of this month, I’ll be featuring a book I’ve reviewed and show the review again along with the contest. So…

Question of the day: does publishing and marketing a book= money?


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