A Look At Publishing Goals

Yes I know it’s only January 7, but let me ask you this are you on track for your publishing goals for this year?

Are you on track in your writing goals?

See I can say right now I’d better work harder at it, since I’m a bit behind. At least right now I can say that I am working on it.

How do you keep track of you writing and publishing goals?


  • Linda Randall

    I have a weekly schedule that I follow.

    Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday are for research, emails, videos, marketing,answering questions on yahoo to younger writers, (children, teens need guidance so I provide only what I know – besides they will be my future market to buy my books) posting fun stuff to my blogs (weekends I do fashion, music, movies and sports)

    Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

    revising 4 hours at a time, with breaks in between, if tired, do videos and research.

    if wide awake, revising as many hours as possible. goal minimum 3 chapters a week, polished and pretty 🙂

    I am working on a mss that I wrote for NaNoWriMo 2009. (winner!)

    genre: women's fiction, romance, mystery

    Literary Agent: I want one who is actively seeking this type of mss.

    St Martin's Press is accepting mss for adult women's fiction and because I like their book covers, I would love for them to publish my women's fiction book.

    I haven't decided who I want to publish The Munroe Series – (15 book ideas, 20,000 words written already for each section – goal is 60,000 words, mini books)

    I also have a children's book on the back burner and my youtube channel audience is ALL ages.

    children to adult, because I blog to every single age group for men and women.

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