What is Easier Marketing or Publishing?

Since we all love the holiday season, and we are out of time… here is another quick question series,

What is easier marketing or publishing?

By the way loving Jill’s book Blood and Groom it’s a must


  • Jill Edmondson

    Thanks Rebecca!

    In my opinion, and in my experience, getting published was MUCH easier than marketing my book.

    Getting published took less time, but a greater level of intensity and a different level of work than marketing my book.

    Querying was a "yes/no", finite, "move on to the next" scenario.

    Marketing and promoting your book is 24-7.

    It's hard to come up with new ideas, new ways to reach people. It's time consuming. It becomes part of every conversation you have at every social gathering. (But be careful!! Must not overdo this!!!)

    With marketing, it's harder to tell what works or doesn't.

    With publishing it's a YES or a NO and that's that. Nothing vague.

    I do book promotional stuff on Facebook (Fan Page) and I wonder if this works, or how well it works. I Twitter. I have 3 library events planned for January. Maybe these things will lead to zillions of sales… maybe not.

    Marketing will never be 'done', it's not finite. I can promote "Blood and Groom" still in March; I can do a signing or a reading in April; I can guest at a libray in June…

    So, there you go. And – since this is all about marketing – check out the Sasha Fan Page at


    Cheers & thanks, Jill

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