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I read somewhere that people would rather go with a large traditional publisher, but there is something that they have forgotten. Not forgotten perhaps, but more likely do not want to admit to themselves that they are wanting or needing some type of compensation, a name for themselves, a reason to shout to the world that they have in some way made it.

They are large for a reason, they don’t have the personalization that most people want.  What most people- authors or writers want is the name, the money the “Just like X” author or the next “X author.  we all want to be that one, that writer, the one who makes it happen, and the ones who can break and remake all the rules.

What about smaller publishers?

They might be the choice for first time authors, the ones who do not have the larger following or the people who are the masters of social media.  They might not have the connections that a more established author would.  They might not have the extra funds to go out and build the name brand that they want.  In short they have the heart, but not the connections and the time to do what needs to be done to gain the attention of a larger traditional publisher.

So you need to know all about traditional publishers upfront.  You need to learn more about them, and you can use the Internet as your general guide, but you can also use the power of connection with people.  Going to a smaller bookstore and becoming a good customer there can help long term when they will be more willing to help sell your book.  A local author is a big draw, and the ones who work the hardest will succeed, maybe not with millions, or even thousands.  Sometimes all you need is a bit of name recognition.

If this small bit of fame is all you need, then what will make you happy?  The potential of a big deal or the people you learn from, and learn about and simply being a part of the “club.” A big traditional publisher might mean a lot more of a wait.

What is the allure?

What about for a smaller publishing house?

A Micro publishing house?

What are the challenges that you see?

Take heart, and focus on your dreams

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