Publishing Your Book… What is Harder.

I wouldn’t say where to publish. See I look and find out what is best for each book some need to be self-published and some not, they get published by traditional publishers.

What is harder for you telling people that sorry you don’t have time or telling yourself that you book isn’t important?

One of my friends told me this: If you are a writer there are times when the book must come first, which is most of the time. if you aren’t there are one million reasons why a book won’t be number one. So she asked… am I a writer or no?


So I can say this, I am a writer, because my writing is so vital to my life, I am of the mindset that Jill, and Cindy and Christy, and Lynnette, and Damaria, and Duchess O’Blunt (wonderful writer on hub pages.) will say the same thing, a true friend will understand, and so will family.

It just takes some work.

My Question for you: What makes it worth while?


  • Brian, the old man

    Hi Rebecca, hope you are doing well. I guess for me it is the enjoyment of writing and the feedback I get from others which makes it worthwhile. Sorry I haven't been by recently. As you know I have been busy and with the death of my uncle I just have not had a whole lot of time. I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season. Merry Christmas.

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