Freelancing and Blogging

Quick question, but read it carefully it’s not as easy as it looks: (Jill Edmondson who wrote a wonderful book called blood and groom will tell you all about that. Same as Duchess O’Blunt)

What would you consider to be a freelancing career and what does it have to do with blogging?

Now before you go and answer this the last post I did also has a series of questions to it, which relate to this one.

so be careful. It’s about publishing and the publishing industry in general.


  • Ann Victor

    Okay I've explored the questions you asked in the last post. Now. Onto these questions.

    1) What do I consider a freelance career?

    Based entirely on my own thoughts, with no proper research at all, I would suggest a freelance career in publishing is either where one self-publishings OR where one writes for more than one publishing house.

    2) What does it have to do with blogging?

    Again, based entirely on my own thoughts, I'd suggest that blogging is a form of self-publishing (with instant results and no hassle) and would fall under the heading of freelancing career. To make it a paying career one would have to use adverts on the blog and/or try to get a big enough readership that one can sell the blog content to a print publisher as a book.

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