Publishing A Book: The Basics

The last in our series of publishing a book, so hold on to your hats and here we go.

What does it really take to publish a book? If anyone wants to think about publishing a book then what do you think they need?

I’ll give you my answer:

Passion, it’s not hard to get the first draft down, unless you avoid like crazy. It’s not editing, again unless you avoid it like crazy, and believe me I’ve done both. I’ve been “sick” I’ve had so much housework to do, and so much research and everything else.

Knowledge, okay this one might go against the grain but even if you go with “regular/traditional” publishing you need to know everything you can about publishing a book, a bit of knowledge about marketing never hurts. Same goers for self-publishing, although I believe you’ll need more!

Still it takes a special sort of person to get anything done, and if you had told me it would take me this long to get to where I am, I’d have laughed in your face, but it’s a learning experience, Lynnette Labelle, and Cindy R. Wilson, and Karen Harrington, and Eva Gordon are ahead of me, but still they are people I look to for advice and help. These ladies know thier stuff. So really it’s undertanding who to look to for help in your literary journey.

My Question Today: What’s your answer?


  • Scobberlotcher

    Rebecca –

    You are so very right about passion and sticking to the craft no matter what! I think a lot of writers tend to be perfectionists and don't want to commit to writing unless they know it will be perfect. But no writing is wasted. It is always useful, like someone going to work out in gym to build muscle, shape her body. It doesn't happen with one practice session. Right now, I am struggling with a capital S to write in third-person – something I so rarely do. I'm having to grit my teeth and just practice, practice, practice!

    Good post and thanks for the nice mention. You made my day!


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