The Problem With Writing a Blog: Point on Blogging

The problem with writing a blog. Well for a change and a break and a way to encourage you to feel I’m listening to you, I’ve got my very first “problem with writing a blog” list. It’s 10 things about the problem with writing a blog.

1) What I have got to learn Marketing?  You are joking right?

Yes you do, that’s one of the problems, you write and no one comes, and then you get mad and stop writing. The more marketing you do the better the chances that people will come to your blog.

Of course if you are happy with what you have… you do not “got to” to anything.  Just be happy.

2) Ya Mean I gotta write well?

Trust me people will walk away from this blog faster than I can keep them here if I write badly, and they will comment about it as well.

3) You mean I need to comment on my blog?

When you get one or two comments, yes you do. On hub pages I get 50 a day in some cases, I simply can’t this is where I get one or two comments per day if that, I’m trying to respond sooner.

4) Networking for your published blog is it important?
When the blog is young, you are its only reader and fan, and by the way, I LOVE my writing blog. So what better way to get people to read than to network. Yes I do guest blogging. Anyone need me?

I do read others blogs, and for example: Al at Publish or Perish, JS at Star of The week, BJ at BJ Anderson, Cindy at Cindy R. Wilson, and of course, Christy at her many blogs, they network better than I ever will, and check out their blogs.
5) You mean that I Have to have FUN?

Yes, a bit of humor goes a long way. Or maybe it’s seeing Ice Age over and over and over again.

6) A What I need to have good Writing Content?

This is a gimme, if it’s a writing blog you’d better be writing, not showing pictures, okay one or two are great, but they should relate.

7) I dunno. But what about me? I need something out of writing a blog.

yes, we all do, but for each person it’s different, some write to have comments, some for money, and some for traffic, and some to showcase their books, and writing. So what’s your blog for?

8) Fame, fortune, a mention in Perez Hilton. My blog deserves this!

No, not all blog deserve Perez Hilton.. it might be great for traffic but it gives you more headaches for your blog and your publishing goals.
9) People need to come to me! COME one and y’all!

No, you need to go to them, or at least mention them in your blog. I know you all don’t need to come to my blog, but you do so thank you.

10) My blog really is popular… I know it… but do you?

There are many ways of know when blog is popular or not, but One person knowing isn’t enough. A bit of marketing, and a whole lot less ego will help anyone. Just keep writing your blog and you’ll shine.


  • Anonymous

    I come often here, and this is the first time I've taken the time to write about this frace of a blog.

    Your writing is both amatuerish and inept. You think you talk about things to do with writing, such as a blog or self-publishing, but you know nothing.

    You think you know what a blog is supposed to look like, but I must tell you, you don't. In fact I don't think you know much about writing.

    It is a sad commentary that you have more than 200 so called "fans" that come to this blog and "read" it, I think that you imagine that you are better than what you are.

    I am writing to tell you that you are not. You aren't even a has been you are a never will be.

    I can give one suggestion, learn how to write better then you might attract actual visitors to this site of yours. You can't write, and what you do write goes off on long tangents with little point or pupose.

    I feel sorry for you and your grandiose visions of blogging. I feel sorry for all your fans who have to suffer through your writing.

  • Al

    Fair dinkum, than Anon is a gutless drongo.
    Doesn't even have the balls to leave a name.
    Rebecca, the guy is simply jealous of YOUR popularity.
    If he/she/it thinks your site is so bad why does he/she/it "come often here"?
    Wonderful grammar and spelling from such an "expert" too.
    Sorry, I wouldn't dignify such muck with a response except it's an attack on a mate.
    I don't often comment but I always enjoy your posts.
    Cheers mate,

  • Al

    By the way I really appreciate the plug!
    And If you ever want to guest on my blog just let me know.
    Though I think you might be wasting your time. My blog gets nothing like the traffic on yours.

  • Colin T Mercer

    I am at amiss as to what this person is trying to acheive apart from maybe blowing off some steam after they realised just how small it was and thats why they had to stand closer to the toilet. If its a female then i would suggest you remain seated till the show is over. keep your contry clean! 🙂
    However you talk about the posibility to attract visitors, well your here?

    To be honist this are the type of person that gets kicked out of chat rooms because they cannot keep up with words like "borring". They are probably a balding,fat middle aged mothers boy living out of the beroom.

    I say this only in defence of a good friend but she needs no defence and is well aware of it and as she has already made a statment with silence I will do some of the talking for her. I am published and I do know how it works but I am not so ignorant or big headed to think I know best. It is people like Rebecca that have helped me in everyway and I can tell you friend that money talks when books sell because of her advice. Anything she has ever said to me has been listened too and we will continue to work together giving you time to write your little abusive blogs. I will give you this, you do know how to express "ego" I think you have it down to an art form.
    Well done. I now await your 50 point views on blogs so I get it right.

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