Plugging and Marketing and All that good Stuff in Between

Marketing, Publicity, both are two different things, and as Christy said, they are both challenging, I agree for me Marketing is a bit harder, I try to think of it in terms of publicity and in a way that will improve my writing in the long run.

Think about it for a minute, when we write it’s easy we write our book and then edit it and then fix it up all the time improving our work. We write a blog, which is both a bit of publicity and marketing, as you can publicize your book and market your writing.

For example:

Publicity would be like putting on an email signature your blog and your book and whatever else you work on, people will know about it, and this is basic.

To marketing say a blog or your writing would be to tell people that not only do you write, but you are willing to write a guest blog (email me and I will do this by the way) and writing about marketing, doing speaking engagements, and generally mentioning the thing you want to sell to people to the extent you’d probably end up wishing you never thought about marketing ever again.

My Question for you Today is this: What is Marketing and Publicity to you?