On Blogging and Creating a Blog and Being Sick.

I admit, I am sick, not mentally, just sick with the garden variety cold. I’ve seen Ice Age more times than I care to count, and well unfortunately (or fortunately) the kids are great. I doubt they’ve seen me away from my computer so long. I am sorry yesterday is an anomaly, as I just didn’t want to face the computer and write.

Maybe it’s the idea of blogging and creating a blog, or keeping up a blog, but it’s on my mind, maybe it’s the cold. To me writing a blog is very much like writing to an audience, you the readers, who expect certain things from me.

It also means I’ve been very lax on my participation with other blogs. Forgive me for that, all a part of creating and maintaining a blog. So here’s the list of people who I like and wish that they had more people going to see their awesome blogs!

So as you guessed it the next series is on how to create a better blog, and how to promote it without a lot of money spent on it!

JS at star of the day, Al at publish or perish, Johanna at once upon a novelist, Lynnette at Chatterbox Chit Chat, and Christy at any of her awesome blogs. Of course there are the Inkers,
Graham Moody, and you, so thanks! You are all the people who keep me writing, and yes, the comments from me will be forthcoming!

My Question for you today is this: What makes you write a blog?


  • conquer The Monkey

    Hope you feel better!!
    Thanks for the list of interesting blogs to check out too.

    per your Q, I blog about topics I feel passionately about, and also because I want to parlay the blog into other "things" including hopefully some freelance writing, and an online radio show…..got the gift of gab, might as well do it!

    Come on by !

  • Rob

    It's really hard for me to write about something i'm not passionate about….so i guess it's about writing what you like!

    Hope you feel better.


  • Anonymous

    The worst of your illness might be over now Rebecca and feel good thinking that. Blogging is fun as well as doing what I like the most…WRITING!

  • JS

    The worst of your illness might be over now Rebecca and feel good thinking that. Blogging is fun as well as doing what I like the most…WRITING!

    (pressed the ANONYMOUS option wrongly)

  • ChickenFreak

    I started my blog as an experimental creative outlet. I'd let most of my other outlets lapse, or they lapsed naturally – roleplaying, writing, sewing, cooking, gardening were all idle from lack of time, space, or motivation.

    My primary hobby for some months has been perfume, and that seemed like a consuming, not a creating, hobby. To make it into a creating hobby, I'd have to communicate about perfume.

    So I started a perfume blog – or, really, a perfume, fried chicken, fiction, gardening, roleplaying, decluttering, and whatever-else-I'm-interested-in blog. I read some advice, somewhere, that a new blogger should blog for sixty days and then decide if they actually have anything to say, and my blog is at day 41.


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