Can Marketing A Book be this Easy?

Sometimes yes. marketing can be this easy, write a blog that;s geared towards people, and do this while you’re writing a book. Well, you get the idea. I recently read an article on Salesforce website entitled What is marketing automation, and it got me thinking – just how easy is marketing a book, and can it be automated? Is there any relevant books to read that explains marketing better?

So to kick this all off here are my three Favorite books on marketing.  If you want to have success writing a book, then you need to publish a book, after that you will need to find a way to market that book to the right audience so that people will continue to purchase your writing and any future books that you choose to publish.

These three books are a good beginning and they let you learn about what it will take to market and increase your book’s profit for you.

1001 Ways to Market Your Book

Part of what works for this book is that people need to know that there are more than a hundred ways to market your writing, and Kremer does a god job at explaining the many ways to market your book to your niche and to sell it to the right people.

Guerrilla Marketing
Another good book to read and learn about publishing and marketing when you either do not have a name for yourself or you do not have as much money as you would like to have to market your book to a large audience.

New rules for Marketing and PR

All about what you need to know to make writing an art for you.  This is a good one to have as a reference.

Now these are the books that I read on a regular basis, and I love them, doing the unthinkable, and dog-ear and highlight them. The other books I have are based upon writing and publishing your book, and one is very informative to a new writer, it’s about self-publishing, but it does explain why you will need to think about the other three books so that you have sales on your books.

The biggest thing to remember is that marketing is a long process, for some people it’s an everyday thing until the “ball gets rolling” for other it’s the time to get help.

My Question for you today is this: What is Marketing your writing to you?


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