10 Solutions to the Problem of Publishing a Book

Still on Publishing a Book… are you still with me? Publishing a Book just got a bit easier. Not because of me, but because of the ever expending publishing options out there.

So Who can help?

Literary Agents:

They’ll be able to read and tell you what is or isn’t good about contracts, and will also guide you in the trickier aspects of contracts. I know some don’t need one, but I do, I write. I don’t need the big huge lawyer dictionary beside me trying to to figure out what isn’t great in a contract. On the other hand, you might not need a literary agent if
a) the contract is straight forward or
b) you’ve gotten some success as a writer without.

Either way still good to have one.

A Reread By Someone else:

Tell them to reread it, and never tell them it’s a first draft, I always like to ask if I sent it out right now, today would you buy it? That gets the most honest answers. Also if the person whom you gave it to takes forever to return it, well, it’s bad then. Assume this.

I prefer giving a second draft to a friend, as if they can’t read no one else will, and a later draft to my editor these days. Saves her form losing her mind.

My Question for you today: What’s the best thing about a literary agent and the worst? And, What the neatest thing someone told when rereading your writing?


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