10 Solutions to the Problem of Publishing a Book

Okay, so we’ve covered a few solutions to the problem of publishing a book, but here are two more. Food for thought: What would make you decide to take it to the next level in terms of publishing a book or marketing a book?

A Person to reread the book:

This is a must for me, as I tend to have problems with oh, grammar, spelling, misspelling, and the like, an extra set of eyes is important. I use them to see what I am missing, or should be cut, mostly, I hear “cut of about 75 of them and then you have a story” what they mean is the first 75 pages…. if this is the case, take it to another person to make sure, unless you know this person well and that they in fact have your best interest in mind.

A Good Rewrite… or Eight:

For those who don’t know I’ve written not only this blog, but hubs, on hub pages, which require a lot of time, but it’s fun, still the best thing to happen to me is the people who reread the blogs or hubs, before I publish them, for those who don’t know, or hadn’t read it, I spelt, BMW as BMV, I suppose at least i did that through the post… which was kindly pointed out to me, so thanks!

My Question to you is this: Is your writing a team effort, getting someone else to read it, or getting more rewrites done?

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