10 Solutions to the Problem of Publishing a Book

Still having trouble? What other two things would help make publishing a book Easier? After all you as a writer might think all you have to do is send out a manscript and then you will have a publisher asking you to aign a contract!

Complete a book:

I know this seems so easy but think about it this way, you wouldn’t write a blog without completed posts and expect people to read now , there has to be something that is finished and edited before it gets sent out to a literary agent or a publisher.
The same holds true for a book, if you as the writer doesn’t know the ending why would anyone else? You tell me why if you think they might go for a incomplete book.

A Sense of Humor:

Some days you just need this, especially when the rejections pile, up, too long, too short, not detailed enough, too much detail, not enough dialogue, too much dialogue… and the letter all come in on the same day.  In fact it is the same book, so why the oppsite reaction from your propective publisher?

All in the same book! Take it with a grain of salt, but take it in seriousness, but with some humor, it’ll make a book and you better.

If you are wondering about the first part, you can read it here Living a Life of Writing: 10 Solutions to the Problem of Publishing a Book

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