Writing a Book, Write a Blog and How to Publish? What Do These Have To Do With Anything?

We’ve covered so much, we’ve got a bit of links on writing a book, if you write a blog or learn how to publish a book, there is one thing that this leads to for every writer one that all of us should work at: improve your writing skills.

I find that by reediting, and rewrite my writing skills improve. This also leads to a bit ( or a lot )stronger writing and potentially a better published book. The recognition will come but all three are linked together.

This improves clarity, since when we write a blog, we need to be clear about what we are writing. Why do I say this? Well, some people don’t have my type of humor, or political views or just about anything else, and we need to remember that when writing.

Writing a book:

Just keep in mind that people need to read it. People don’t have to read it, and don’t sell it short. Give it better than best.

This is the only way to publish a book. Of course there is also self-publishing or custom publishing, and as many of you have read my review of Christy’s book ( which can be bought on amazon) There are some great ideas there.

Again, writing a book is great fun and it is a value learning experience. It will also improve your writing. You can write a blog better and this is a fine way to learn how to publish.

My Question for you today is this: How do you improve your writing?


  • Jill Edmondson

    two things that I find very helpful in terms of improving my writing are:
    1. Know the genre!
    2. Read a lot – of everything – fiction, non-fiction, poetry, academic stuff, plays, magazines and on and on.

    The wide range of exposure is beneficial. I may pick up something in a newspaper article that I can apply to my novel, or I may come across some vocabulary in a poem that would strengthen some of teh word choices in my manuscript.

    Of course, editeditedtedit and then edit again. It must be done!

    Cheers, Jill

  • Brian, the old man

    I improve my writing by writing, reading, writing, editing, reading, editing some more, reading, until I am happy with what I write. I also use common tools like spell and grammar checks. I like to read it out loud so I can really here what it is saying and how it is flowing.

    I have been busy this week and have enjoyed reading your other articles as well even though I have not commented on them. Hope you have a nice weekend.