Writing a Book, Write a Blog and How to Publish? What Do These Have To Do With Anything?

Writing a book, how to publish that book and write a blog. All linked together.  After all, writing a blog is as important a point as publishing a book.  Comments are the lifeblood of writing a blog, but so are book reviews when it comes to publishing a book.

I am so pleased with the comments: It is true that there is a link between all three. For me the link is the fact that a writer can so all three and still find enjoyment in each one. my personal favorite is the write a blog part of the three but I’ll talk about a different one:

How to publish a book is easy:

Write, write, and edit. Edit again.

As most will tell you, a weakness in the plot is not a forgivable point. There are also something as important: Nouns, verbs, and their deadly cousins, adverbs and adjectives. Spelling is a big factor as well. Of course, there are times when fun is allowed.

Still you need to be aware of any hazards when you publish, self-esteem is a big one. When you think about it, negative comments and rejection letters are a part of publishing. Self-esteem is important. We’ve all been there, and done that and still doing it. Keep your chin up! ( To use as many cliches as possible!)

So continue writing a book, how to publish said book comes letter and write a blog to keep people in the know.

My Question for you today: What keeps you writing?


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