Writing a Book, Write a Blog and How to Publish? What Do These Have To Do With Anything?

Writing a Book, so that means you will probably start to think about how to publish this book, and then you’ll think that you might need to write a blog. The crazy science to writing that goes on these days.

Social Media one person called this blog writing business. My writing friends tend to call something else. Publishing is easy provided that one works at it. This goes for traditional publishers and for self-publishers.

Over the next few days I’ll be exploring the links between the three. It’s a business out there! Publishers and writers all have marketing plans to work with. They all link together. You are writing a book or writing a blog, it really doesn’t matter, what matters is the content. That is the basis of how to publish.

What do these have to do with anything?

A publication anywhere on the is important. It can be be an e-book, or a blog, or some other other creative way to get a message across.

So how do you do this? For me it was easy. I googled “write a blog” and found blogger. From there I signed up and began my blog. Needless to say the first year wasn’t so great. Then came the publishing goal.

All of this is leading up to the links between this new view on this series. Enjoy!

My Question for today is this: What are the links between publishing, writing and blogging to you?


  • Rob

    A blog for me did two things: One, it helped me promote my work. Two, it helps me write when I can't write stories. Just the act of writing itself sometimes breaks me from the block.

    Publishing my works encourages me to write more. So there is your writing pyramid right there. One helps the other out. I plan on never quitting writing, blogging or publishing. So long as people back me on that, everything's good.

  • JS

    I might sound a bit outspoken or a little too straight, but apart from sex, all three are means of providing satisfaction for me.

    The difference lies in where sex provides physical and emotional satisfaction, publishing, writing and blogging provide a feeling of achievement by getting what you want from yourself, that's writing and getting read.

  • jenniferneri

    Hi Rebecca, honestly I began blogging because an agent recommend I do so. I was surprised at the connections I formed with other writers through blogging, and how much it added to me as a writer. It is great to have discussions on the craft with other writers!

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