Writing Blogs and the Voice

It’s funny how some people will write blogs and not get the idea that there is such a thing as voice. You know the one, where people have a certain way of speaking only this time It’s writing? Writing blogs and voices of writing are like that.

Yesterday while on a plane with two kids, who by the way did really good!, I had time think about my blogs and my writing voice, mine is chatty and I would say more down to earth, whereas some others I read are quite the opposite.

This all has to do with voice, your unique voice and mine. There are some days when I can read someone’s comments without reading who they are, for one reason they always comment or the other reason, which is more likely, I read thier blogs, and frankly their voice is the same in their comments.

Okay down to the fun part: Three links, awesome voice bloggers.

Cindy at Cindy Wilson
DQ at DQ’s windmill
And the ever imformative Writers Beware, this one is the teh love hate one, either you love or hate but you’ll still read it.

My Question for today is this: What’s important to you about your voice?


  • Brian, the old man

    What is important to me is I'm understandable and down to earth. I try not to talk over people's heads. I know I have written something well when I read it aloud and it creates an emotion in me. Whether good or bad, happy or sad, emotion is a good response. I am a very emotional person and I try to convey this in my writing. I will sometimes be crying my eyes out while I am writing or reading something which is moving. I also hope to inspire my readers and be a beacon of motivation in their lives. Such is how I write. I hope these words answer your question; sometimes it is difficult to express thoughts and feelings as you would in a normal cnversation. But that is what I try to accomplish. Have a nice day.

  • Rob

    I've noticed that too. I try hard, when revising my blog posts, to make sure there's a certain theme to it or a voice. When I started writing one story, long ago, my girlfriend quickly turned to me and said, "This doesn't make any sense."
    "It doesn't?" I asked.
    "No. You're trying too hard. Why not write how you talk."

    From then on, that advice stuck with me.

  • Al

    I don't know, my voice is I hope a reflection of my personality. I suspect my voice when I comment is similar to my blogging voice. However my fiction voice is quite different to either.

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