Self-Esteem, Make-Up and Publishing

Writers are bad, we sit in front of a computer for hours on end, stay up late, good to bed, and wake up early all in the name of publishing our writing. If writing is you full time occupation, well why should you care about beauty and self-esteem? No one sees you.  Besides you need money.

Maybe this need is best described for women who write as a makeup treatment.  They do need makeup or cosmetics.  It’s important to feel beautiful, even when alone and writing our soon to be published book.

It’s important to self-esteem and a budget, but you should care about yourself. Buy something that will not break your budget but do this for yourself.  You might even improve your writing by getting away from the computer.
It also means that I need to keep my brushes and other things clean– after all think of it as editing your work.  You need a bit of polish.  Not to suggest that writers look horrible, but rather working with something that is dirty can make you feel worse.  Publishing means that you have to work towards a goal.  Same with the “painter” in you.
How does a cosmetic company help you with beauty and self-esteem? ( for the ladies at least!) or how do you make sure you can have some “me time” to keep your self-esteem high?

I believe if you keep your self-esteem high, publishing a book is that much easier to do.


  • JS

    I won't comment much on beauty excpet that one should remain neat, clean and nicely tucked up but "me time" or "my time" is a good subject.

    We certainly need to space out our schedule to creat space for self. Nothing's going to change with that, rather it's going to be advantageous.

    Some would say you can analyze yourself in that time, what right you did, what wrong you did and blah…blah…blah.

    I oppose that. I would suggest "GO BLANK." Erase most things, certainly your occupational skills and thoughts, from your brains canvas. Make it blank to paint your desires that surface in those "blank moments." In other words, imaging to have wings and glide like a falcon, as high as your can.

  • Jennifer Roland

    I think exercise is one of the most important things we can do as writers to keep our self-esteem up–and the health benefits aren't bad, either!

    Writing is so sedentary and so cerebral, that physical activity is extremely important to give our minds and eyes a break and to rev up our synapses.

    That said, do I follow my own advice? Not very well. But I'm working on it. I'm thinking about doing some sort of countdown to health for writers.

  • Adam P. Knave

    Yeah I keep some excersise stuff near my desk, so I can't ignore it easily. It's important to keep in mind, even if I do manage to ignore it too often. But that's the life.

    Of course I know other writers who run marathons so they know something I don't I suppose.

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